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The content of the Strategic Research Agenda reflects the findings of a broad programme of work undertaken within the ERANID project, comprising of a series of consultative activities with stakeholders and a study mapping the current situation of illicit drugs research in the ERANID countries. It represents the most comprehensive exercise undertaken to date, considering both the views of a wide range of stakeholders in the ERANID countries and a detailed assessment of the state of play in relation to research policy, funding and gaps.

The Comparative Analysis Report report is the result of mapping and analysing the situation of the drug-related research in the six ERANID participating countries (Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and United Kingdom) and at the European Commission (EC) level over the period 2010-2013. The results described in this report have fed into the ERANID Strategic Research Agenda.

This report provides a summary of the Lisbon International Invitational Consultation, held in October 2014. During this meeting experts and stakeholders were asked for input on the draft Strategic Research Agenda and their feedback led to its final version.