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ALAMA-nightlife is one of the three funded projects in the first transnational call of ERANID 'Understanding drug use pathways'.


Understanding the dynamics and consequences of young adult substance use pathways, a longitudinal and momentary analysis in the European nightlife scene

The nightlife scene is synonymous with drug use and its economy has surged in the last decade. Meanwhile, an unprecedented number of New Psychoactive Substances has emerged. The potency of ecstasy pills has doubled, alongside a rise in health incidents. Previous studies have failed to capture the dynamic aspects of nightlife drug use, both in the short-term (before, during, and after the club) and the longer-term (changes over time). A pan-European understanding of these issues is necessary to implement optimal policy decisions for nightlife licensing, drug control, and harm reduction. The proposed study combines state of the art interdisciplinary techniques (momentary or ‘real time’, long-term, subjective, biological) and comparison across countries, to thoroughly characterise drug use pathways (short- and longer-term) and their consequences.


During the midterm conference in Rome on October 26th, 2016 the three funded projects in the first ERANID call for proposals were presented by the principal investigators for the partners and funders.

Researchers and research institutions

PIMargriet van LaarTrimbos Institute, UtrechtThe Netherlands
Co-PI 1Tina van HavereUniverity College GhentBelgium
Co-PI 2Jochern SchrootenAssocation for alcohol and other drugproblems, BrusselsBelgium
Co-PI 3Sabrina MolinaroNational Research Council, PisaItaly
Co-PI 4Johanna GripenbergStockholm Centre for Psychiatric Research and Education, Stockholm County Council Health Care Provision/Karolinska Institute, StockholmSweden
Co-PI 5Valerie CurranUniversity College LondonThe United Kingdom

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