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ERANID focuses on strengthening cross-border research (mainly in the EU) in various aspects of the illicit drugs problem, i.e. drug demand and drug supply issues, and in interventions and policies to tackle the problems. ERANID will make knowledge on these issues better available for the stakeholders. To this end, it cooperates with organisations as the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), and the Pompidou-group. ERANID will promote multidisciplinary research activities in the field of social sciences and humanities, and, if necessary beyond. Our aim is to improve understanding on the cause and nature of drug problems and how these develop in society, analyse trends and developments (e.g. patterns of consumption, drug markets).

The focus of ERANID will be on research questions representing urgent issues for drug policy making allowing for well-founded policy decisions and promote effective policy responses based on new knowledge which is translated into practice. Closer cooperation between researchers in different EU Member States is also expected to lead to a further development of research methodologies. Overcoming the current fragmentation in drug research and developing a common strategic research agenda that will address research gaps and priorities are key elements of ERANID. Bringing together funding bodies in EU Member States and other countries, involving policy makers and other stakeholders will help to create consensus about the research priorities. These issues will all inform the strategic research agenda, from which the priorities for two joint research calls will be selected.

ERANID is meant as first step towards a longer term cooperation in the field of drugs research.